ResearchOne is a health and care research database developed by TPP in partnership with the University of Leeds and the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board. The database consists of de-identified clinical and administrative data drawn from the electronic patient records currently held on the TPP SystmOne clinical system. It has the potential to be one of the largest healthcare research databases in the world, containing up to 28 million records.


The research records contain linked data from a wide variety of settings across both primary and secondary care. For example, General Practice, Child Health, Community Health, Palliative Hospital, Out-Of-Hours, Accident & Emergency and Acute Hospital can all contribute to the research data set. The data held is of exceptionally high-quality and has excellent geographic and demographic representation across England.

ResearchOne is entirely self-funded and is run as a not-for-profit enterprise. Our aim is to provide world class researchers with access to the quality data they need in a cost-effective way. We believe this can drive health and care innovation, delivering high impact results across the NHS. We support transformations in the understanding of clinical care that ultimately enable improvements in patient outcomes, commissioning and healthcare performance.

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