5 Million Records Support Research in 2013

Over 5 million non-identifiable health records became available for approved research in 2013, heralding a new phase for rapid research.  Since the launch of ResearchOne in February 2013, over 400 organisations have joined this new research community.  Full and non-identifiable record information is updated weekly from these organisations.

Researchers and users work together with this information throughout the year to investigate the issues that matter in healthcare.  Early results are already promising new discoveries to help in such areas as prescribing, vaccination uptake and telehealth.  Projects are exploring such topics as microbial resistance to antibiotics and the early identification of colorectal cancer.

Currently ten organisation types, ranging from hospitals to end-of-life organisations, have got involved to make this a truly comprehensive research community.  This joins together a large volume and variety of timely data which is enabling the development of such meaningful innovations as indicators of frailty or inherited risk.

Outcomes, tools and protocols are openly published and can be quickly embedded into clinical systems for use in clinical practice.

Organisations can contribute non-identifiable information to ethically approved research projects by opting in to ResearchOne under organisation preferences on SystmOne.