Academic Health Science Networks

The core purpose of the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) is to enable the NHS, academic institutions and industry to work collaboratively in order to drive innovation and best practice. The AHSNs aim to improve the quality, productivity and efficiency of health and care services, improving both patient outcomes and public health.



The close proximity of the ResearchOne database and the TPP SystmOne clinical system provide an ideal environment for AHSN innovation. Rich records across care settings enable the NHS and academia to carry out high-quality, high impact research. The results can be fed back into the clinical system to monitor the efficacy and measure the outcomes of new clinical tools, interventions and pathways. Ultimately this model can drive evidence-based research into routine clinical care on a national level.

We are always looking to support and partner the AHSNs in research and innovation projects. The provision of quality research data and analytic expertise strengthens the opportunity for collaborative work with the Academic Health Science Centres, the NIHR Biomedical Research Units and Centres, the NIHR CLAHRCs, the Health Innovation and Education Clusters and the NHS Innovation Hubs.