Healthcare Providers

All health and care providers on SystmOne can contribute data to ResearchOne.¹ The data recorded at the practice or unit is de-identified at patient, practitioner and provider levels to ensure confidentiality. ResearchOne utilises the existing centrally-hosted TPP infrastructure to guarantee secure storage and access to this research data. The project has full ethical and governance approval.

In order to be a part of the research community on SystmOne, healthcare organisations need to opt-in to the project. This is done electronically within the system itself by following these simple steps.

The more practices and units that contribute to ResearchOne, the more powerful the data set becomes. Increased participation means increased demographic and geographic representation of the healthcare population, more accurate data about prevalence and management of long-term conditions, and the possibility of new insights into rare diseases. The richer the database becomes, the greater the potential to uncover genuinely new clinical knowledge.

Improving Healthcare

ResearchOne provides the opportunity for SystmOne users to support research that leads to advances in health and social care. The focus of the research we support is to feed new developments, medical information and clinical tools back into SystmOne itself. These advances improve the quality and efficiency of care delivery whilst also providing new research data back into ResearchOne for continuous development. This powerful feedback loop between clinical system and research data set enhances the value of every single data item entered in the electronic patient record.

Shared Research Records

ResearchOne is a unique healthcare research database. As SystmOne is a shared care system it contains data from many different care settings across England including, for example, General Practice, Child Health, Community, Out-of-Hours, Acute Hospital and Accident and Emergency.

This translates directly into ResearchOne. The research records contain data from across multiple healthcare providers, producing a comprehensive, up-to-date, linked research data set. This active, highly-linked data opens up new research potential at the primary and secondary care boundary leading, for example, to risk stratification models based on full, timely clinical and administrative data.


Previous research database models in the UK have needed the transfer of physical data backups or data streaming from individual GP practices. The CfH-accredited hosting solution of TPP SystmOne means ResearchOne operates without such restrictions. This is the most secure healthcare research database model in the country and requires no new processes or software requirements at the healthcare unit. If a unit has opted-in to ResearchOne, new data is drawn automatically from a SystmOne backup on a weekly basis. No data leaves the secure data centre environments during this process.

Further Information

The FAQ section provides further information for SystmOne users regarding the ResearchOne database.  Health and care organisations using SystmOne can participate by following these simple steps.


¹ The only restriction to this are the prison units. In line with ethical and governance requirements in England, no prison data is ever drawn into ResearchOne.