Project Committee

The ResearchOne Project Committee assesses all proposed research projects that request ResearchOne data. It consists of clinicians, health informatics experts, data scientists, TPP technical staff and academic researchers. Decisions for data access are always driven by:

  • The absolute necessity for patient and provider confidentiality.
  • The pursuit of better healthcare through high-quality, high-impact research.

The ResearchOne Project Committee is charged with maintaining the academic excellence of all research undertaken on the database.  The committee receives research proposals and requests for data access and assesses them based on the criteria defined by database policy and by the aims of ResearchOne.  Of particular consideration is the value of research to the medical community and to the public.

In the unlikely event that a potential project might compromise patient or provider confidentiality, the committee are obliged to prohibit access. The committee assesses the risks posed by each proposal and refer any disputes to the ResearchOne Database Committee for advice and guidance.

The committee bring a wealth of experience to the project, and includes internationally-recognised academic researchers. This expertise enables the committee to assist in the success of research projects by helping to overcome any technical or academic issues.

Further details about the role of the committee within the ResearchOne project can be found in the database summary.