ResearchOne is a source of comprehensive healthcare research data drawn from both primary and secondary care providers. Over 4,500 healthcare units have the opportunity to contribute to the ResearchOne database, with the potential for almost 30 million distinct research records. This includes data from General Practice, Community Care, Child Health, Palliative Hospital, Acute Hospital, Urgent Care, Accident & Emergency and Out-of-Hours.

The data held is de-identified to protect patient and provider confidentiality and the database has full approval from the National Information Governance Board and the Research Ethics Committee. A comprehensive list of items are stored on ResearchOne and the data is demographically and geographically representative of the healthcare poplulation in England. More detailed information about the type and qualtiy of the data stored can be found here.

We aim to support all projects which bring genuine improvements in clinical knowledge and bring benefits to healthcare provision. This includes supporting:

  • Medical Research
  • Health Services Research
  • eHealth Research

We welcome applications from everyone working to improve healthcare, for example, from academic institutions, medical establishments, commissioning support units and chariatable organisations. Any researchers interested should visit the access page and follow the application process. We aim to provide up-to-date, cost-effective, quality data to support improvements across the NHS.

The ReseachOne database is made more powerful by the proximity to the TPP SystmOne clinical system. This allows for a dynamic dataset – research data can be provided before and after new interventions in the clinical system, allowing for hard outcome measures to be assessed rapidly. Any new data items can also be collected quickly for analysis, utilising the publication of new templates in SystmOne, for example. We are very interested in collaborations which leverage this feedback loop to drive new evidence-based research into clinical practice.